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About Us

Our story begins in early 2017 in Medellin, Colombia. Historically, this country has been known as a volatile land for its violence and drug kingpins, such as Pablo Escobar, and currently for the famous Netflix Original - Narcos. During the last 3 decades, however, Colombia has prosperously and positively evolved to become one of the most prosperous and safe nations in South America. Today, Col-o-mbia (not Col-u-mbia) has become a popular tourist destination, with innovative cities, stunning nature attractions and lively passionate people! is born, then as well, out of pure passion for this wonderful country and magical drink we all love...Coffee! As Americans born from Colombian parents, we had the privilege of experiencing two very diverse, yet splendid cultures while growing up. This ultimately flourished into a deeply rooted affection for both lands, which brought about an idea. This idea was to somehow bring these cultures together through something they shared, like their love for Coffee, and this is when we decided to bring The Best Coffee in the World to America!

In essence, represents the taste of Colombian Coffee, which grows in a country rich in biodiversity and cultural heritage. Found in the Andean Mountains, its Arabica Coffees reflect the diversity amongst regions, elevations and grower customs. 

Trough our Online Subscription Service, we bring the taste and magic of the Colombian mountains to you. Traveling the country's Coffee Regions, we strive to select the tastiest Single Origin Specialty Beans grown by farmers and partners we trust, supporting local communities and families.

Our mission is to create meaningful relationships with our allied growers and Subscribers, with the ultimate purpose of bringing the best tasting Coffee from the farms directly to your doorstep in the United States!