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Our passion for Coffee knows no limits, and traveling through the Colombian mountains searching for the tastiest small-farm specialty Coffee beans has become our obsession. We take pride in offering you the world's best single-origin Coffees, while contributing to communities and small-farmers' incomes in Colombia.

Embark on our journey today, and taste the magic within Colombian Coffee!

How does our coffee subscription work?

  • 1. You choose how and when

    First, choose how much Coffee you need, how you want it roasted and if grounded, and how frequently you wish to receive it.

  • 2. Coffee is purchased

    Our Coffee beans are picked, processed and purchased directly from small-farm growers in Colombia, at Fair-Trade prices.

  • 3. Roasted & shipped fresh

    We ship Coffee from Colombia to Fulfillment Centers in the US every couple of weeks. This way, you will always enjoy a fresh cup.

  • 4. Delivered on your doorstep

    Enjoy the variety, savings and convenience of having the world's best single-origin specialty Coffees delivered by mail.

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Questions? No Problem...

How much is the product & shipping?

We offer a subscription service for $16.95 a month, Free Standard Shipping Included! You may choose to receive your Coffee (by the pound) every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or Monthly.

Yo may also order a One-Time Purchase, with Free Standard Shipping, for $19.95 to try our Coffee out.

We are sure you will come back for more!

How long do I have to Subscribe for?

You may cancel your Subscription at any time!

You may do so Online by Clicking Here, or Call Us and we will cancel it for you.

Is the Coffee Shipped from Colombia?

Absolutely, we pick, roast and ship Coffee every couple of weeks to Fulfillment centers in the US. This way, we guarantee Fresh Coffee on every delivery. 

Is the Coffee Grounded?

Your wish is our command...

If you do not own a Coffee Grinder and wish to receive your Coffee Grounded, just choose the correct option during your product selection.

If you own a Coffee Grinder and prefer to receive Whole Beans, thats perfect as well.

How long will the Coffee Last?

Coffee is optimal for drinking and considered Fresh throughout the first month or two after being Roasted. However, your beans or ground Coffee have a shelf life of 12 months.

We strongly recommend storing your Coffee in a sealed container, within a cool and dry place to preserve its freshness!

Our Story...

As Americans living and working in Colombia, we travel the country's mountainous Coffee regions and develop relationships with growers who have been harvesting delicious Coffee for years. We then select the Best Coffees, based on origin, process and growing elevations, and deliver it to you fresh and personalized.

We welcome you with great enthusiasm, and invite you to become part of our adventure in the quest for the Coffee treasures this beautiful country hides within its magical mountains.

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Unboxing your coffee

Sight, smell and taste...we invite you to follow the steps below when you receive your order, to indulge yourself in a Sensory Experience that will surely spark your desire for a cup of our delicous Coffee.

Scroll On...

Step 1: Sight

Design with a story...

Our box illustrates Pre-Columbine Hieroglyphics with elegant bronze stripes, symbolizing the ornamentation of ancient South and Central American Cultures.

Pull up on the bronze tab to withdraw the 1 lb. (16 oz.) Kraft Coffee Bag.

Step 2: Smell

As soon as you pull up on the bronze tab, we urge smelling near the degassing valve on the Coffee Bag. The aroma will sure transport you to a magical place and inspire your devotion for a Cup of Coffee.

Step 3: Facts About your Coffee

After removing the Coffee Bag from the box, we encourage you to read the information about the Origin, Region, Tasting Notes and Elevation where that particular Coffee Lot was grown.

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Step 4: Taste

We all brew and like our Coffee in different ways. This is why we allow choosing how it's Roasted and Grounded, to brew using your preferred method (Drip, French Press, Chemex, V-60, Espresso, etc.).

Step 5: Re-Use

We take our responsibility with The Planet seriously, and hope you do too! 

Our boxes are made with Earth Pact® materials, 100% biodegradable, from sugar cane extracts, and free of chemical dyes.

We urge you to remove the metallic decoration and use the paper as compost for your garden.

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